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DMIX HD401 / vMix / 라이브 스위처 / 올인원 통합장비 / 라이브 인코딩 / 스트리밍 / 송출

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소비자가 1원
제품명 DMIX HD401
제조사 DMS System
제품설명 4 채널 스위처 올인원 멀티 비디오 스위처. 가상스튜디오 기능 지원 / 교육 및 설치 지원 1회 포함
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Technical Specifications

Intel Quad Core CPU with 2GB Graphics, 16GB Memory, Gigabit Lan, 24" LED Monitor x 2EA , Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, Windows 10, vMix, vMix Social and vMix Title Designer preinstalled.


256GB SSD, 4TB HDD Storage.  


Up to 4 simultaneous live HD-SDI video sources w/embedded audio in any combination of HD and SD format

오디오16-channel SDI embedded
미디어Up to 1000 multi-source inputs including video/audio files, PowerPoint (Microsoft Office Req.), graphics, streams, desktop apps, titles, live social media.
전환 효과Cut, Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly, CrossZoom, FlyRotate, Cube, CubeZoom, VerticalWipe, VirtualSlide, Merge and two custom Stinger channels.
믹스 / 이펙트Each input includes 5 "Multi View" overlay channels to create complex Mix/Effects. Add logo bugs, lower thirds, titles, text in combinations to create compelling productions.
다운스트림 키어4 DSKs / overlays with individual transitions, alpha channel and custom scaling/positioning.
이미지 조정Color Correct, Deinterlace, Sharpen, Zoom, Rotate, Pan and Crop any input in real time. All effects are processed in 4:4:4 32bit color space for optimal video quality.
오디오 믹서Independent control and monitoring of all audio sources with Mute, Solo, Follow (Auto Mixing), Delay, EQ, Compressor and Gain.
가상 세트6 free virtual sets from Virtualsetworks.com. 5 built-in sets with full motion camera presets and high quality GPU-based chroma key. Easily build your own virtual set using standard tools
데스크탑 캡쳐Included screen capture from local/remote PC-Mac sources
NDISupport for multi-channel video input and output over a Gigabit Ethernet network using open Network Device Interface protocol
인스턴트 리플레이Single camera instant replay system built in with continuous recording and playback. ( vMix 4K / vMix Pro Only )
컨트롤러Includes standard keyboard and mouse control with configurable shortcuts/macros. Optional vMix Control Surface available. Built in Web Controller can be used to control vMix from any web connected device on the local network. MIDI controllers also supported.
소셜 미디어 지원Integrated application for live or queued insertion of Facebook, Twitter or IRC feeds. Approve and control content from any web-connected device
출력Simultaneous record, stream and output to multiple formats/resolutions
비디오 입출력4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI 입력 / 1 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI or 1x HDMI, 1x DVI 출력
오디오 출력1/8" Stereo, 2-channel SDI embedded
레코딩AVI, MP4, MPEG-2, MOV and MXF for both Program and ISO recordings with a variety of compression formats available.
라이브 송출RTMP streaming to any CDN including USTREAM, Twitch, DaCast, YouTube and more
멀티뷰Live multiviewer output to secondary display or HD-SDI with configurable layouts and titles, audio meters and tally display.
라이브 비디오 포멧
1080P, 1080i, 720p and SD Multi Format capable.
23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60 frame rates supported.

상품 상세 정보
상품명 DMIX HD401 / vMix / 라이브 스위처 / 올인원 통합장비 / 라이브 인코딩 / 스트리밍 / 송출
판매가 전화문의
소비자가 1원
제품명 DMIX HD401
제조사 DMS System
제품설명 4 채널 스위처 올인원 멀티 비디오 스위처. 가상스튜디오 기능 지원 / 교육 및 설치 지원 1회 포함
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  • 배송 방법 : 택배
  • 배송 지역 : 전국지역
  • 배송 비용 : 3,000원
  • 배송 기간 : 3일 ~ 7일
  • 배송 안내 :

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